Introduction to BFC Bot

What is BFC Bot?

BFC Bot is an Airdrop Telegram Chatbot created by BIFROST ($BFC) designed to help grow crypto communities and keep them active.
Members can earn points and $BFC_K (a Klaytn-based BIFROST token) by participating in discussions and events or inviting new members to the group. BIFROST converts these points into BFC_K every month. Users can then convert $BFC_K (Klaytn-based) to $BFC (Ethereum-based) in Biport Wallet.
Members can participate in groups to earn points and EXP
Admins can reward points to members to grow and manage their community
Accumulated points are converted to $BFC_K every month

Can I add BFC Bot to any group?

BFC Bot can be added to any Telegram chat group (public/private). It cannot be added to an announcement channel.
You need to be an admin to add BFC Bot to a public group. Any member of a private group can add BFC Bot to the group.
Is BFC Bot free? Yes! It can be added to any Telegram group at no cost.

Participate and Earn Points

BFC Bot and admins can reward members who actively participate within the group. Below are just a few ways you can earn. Refer to the next section for the full list.
  1. 1.
    Be Active: Earn points by being active, engaging in discussions, and checking in daily for attendance.
  2. 2.
    Contribute: Get rewarded points by sharing useful information to the group. You can even earn 100 points or more by inviting new users to the community!
  3. 3.
    Win Bonus & Jackpots: Stack up bonus points from random jackpots and accumulate more EXP. The higher you rank, the more bonus you'll earn.

How do I convert points to BFC_K?

BIFROST will convert points to $BFC_K every 1st week of the month. The conversion rate varies every month.
After the conversion event, all points will be set back to 0, but EXP will not. You can check your $BFC_K balance in your Klaytn wallet. Members are able to swap $BFC_K (a Klaytn-based token) to $BFC (an ERC-20 token) in their Biport Wallet.

How do I check my balance?

/balance: Check point, EXP, rank, and $BFC_K balance
/rank: See who's most active in the group (Top 10)
/wallet: See transaction history in your Klaytn Wallet

How is BFC Bot different from Combot or Tuna Bot?

Combot helps with group analytics and management. It provides group analytics, spam management, and Twitter integration. Tuna Bot provides useful data to the group, such as real-time token price.
BFC Bot was designed to grow communities and keep it active. It will soon add similar features of Combot and Tuna Bot as well as other exciting features to help expand the group.
Best of all, BFC Bot is FREE! What's more, it pays you! For the success of all crypto communities, we are giving out $BFC_K for high engagement activities to members. BIFROST will continue to expand the features of BFC Bot with better tools for analytics, events, and community management.
👉 Add BFC Bot to your contacts now and start earning $BFC!
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