Tips for Using BFC Bot

⚙️ Community Management

Referral Link: Help grow the community by sharing your personal referral link! Both of you will get 100 points each when a new user joins and chats in the group.
    Type /link in the group chat or personal DM with @Bifrost_BiFi_Bot to get your personal referral link for each group
    Type /admin to get the link to Admin Page

Admin Page

Features & Settings

    Transaction history: See transaction history of points
    Remove spams: Blacklist certain words and remove them from the group
    Language settings: Choose between Korean, English, and Vietnamese

Customize the following commands

    Welcome Message: This message appears when new members join the group
    /rule: Group rules
    /faq: Frequently Asked Questions about the group
    /event: Ongoing events in the group

Need to turn off BFC Bot messages for a specific event?

    /off: Turn off all Welcome, Rank, Jackpot, and Level-Up messages
    /on: Turn all messages back on

💸 Tipping Members

Every month, BIFROST provides 100,000 points to group admins to use for community growth and management.
    /send {@username} {# of points to send}: Send points to users who participate in discussions and share good information with other members
      Example: /send @RachelAtBifrost 1000
      A user must have a username created to receive points
      A maximum of 1,000 points can be tipped at once
    /groupbalance: Message this command to @Bifrost_BiFi_bot to check the remaining point balance in your group wallet
Emoji Tip: Admins can also tip points to users by replying to their messages with a specific emoji
    👍 = 5 Points
    😍 = 10 Points
    🥳 = 20 Points
    🌈 = 30 Points
    🔥 = 50 Points
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