Admin Page Instructions

2. Enter the mobile number you registered for Telegram.

3. Click 'Confirm' to authorize Telegram to log in to

4. Go back to BFC Bot Admin Page and click 'Accept'. Once logged in, you will stay signed in until you logout.

5. Click the menu button on the top left corner.

6. Click 'Group List'.

7. Select the group you wish to manage.

*The name of the group and the date BFC Bot was added to the group will be displayed

8. Once you are in Group Management, you can 1) check your point transaction history and 2) add specific words or phrases to blacklist within the group.

*Blacklisted words will be automatically removed when a user type the word or phrase

9. Customize messages for each command. Click the toggle button to turn on/off the command.

10. Select 'Language' to change the language for BFC Bot. You can choose Korean, English, or Vietnamese. Default language is English.