How Do I Add BFC Bot to My Group?

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BFC Bot can be added to any Telegram chat group (public/private). It cannot be added to an announcement channel.
You need to be an admin to add BFC Bot to a public group. Any member of a private group can add BFC Bot to the group.


1. Search and add @Bifrost_BiFi_bot in Telegram. Click 'Start' to start a messaging BFC Bot.

2. Click 'Add BFC Bot to My Group'.

3. Select the group you want to add BFC Bot.

4. Click 'OK'.

5. Set BFC Bot as an admin of the group. Then you're all set! Type '/bfcbot' to learn the commands of BFC Bot.

👉 Private group members cannot use /send or /link command.
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👉 Once you have added BFC Bot, set BFC Bot as an admin to access all features.