How Does BFC Bot Work?

🏋️ Grow Your Community

There are two ways to get your own personal referral link:
1) Message /link to @Bifrost_BiFi_Bot
2) Type /link in the group chat
When a new user joins the group through your link and starts chatting in the group, both of you will get 100 points. If you invite a user to @BIFROST_Global, both will receive 500 points!

🏆 Actively Participate and Earn Points

Attendance Points: Earn 10 points for checking in daily.
Participation Points: Earn maximum 2 points depending on the length of the message (Minimum 10 letters; Maximum once every 1 minute; Commands are excluded).
Jackpot: Win random jackpot points (5 -10 points)
Ranking Points: Earn bonus points when you rank higher by accumulating more EXP. The higher your rank, the more bonus points you'll earn.
  • Earn EXP the same way as you earn points.
  • Points set back to 0 after monthly $BFC_K conversion event, but EXP continues to accumulate.
Contribution Points: Admins will send points to users who actively participate in discussions and share good information with other members. They will send points in this format: /send @RachelAtBifrost 1000
  • A user must have a username created to receive points
Emoji Points: Admins can also send points to users by replying with certain emojis.
  • 👍 = 5 Points
  • 😍 = 10 Points
  • 🥳 = 20 Points
  • 🌈 = 30 Points
  • 🔥 = 50 Points

♾️ BFC_K Conversion Event

$BFC_K will be automatically converted to $BFC during the monthly conversion event every 1st week of the month. Announcement will be made before and after the conversion event. All conversions usually take about one day.
  • BFC Bot will be temporarily disabled during the event
  • Points will be set back to 0 after conversion event (EXP accumulates)
  • Converted $BFC_Ks can be found in the Klaytn Wallet

🔐 Wallet Management

Point Balance: Check balance of your points, EXP, and $BFC_K by typing /balance.
Klaytn Wallet: Type /wallet to check balance of $BFC_K in your Klaytn Wallet.
Levels & Rank: The more EXP you accumulate, the higher you'll rank. Check your rank within the group by typing /rank.
  • Scooter (🛴) is the lowest rank and UFO (🛸) is the highest rank.