How Does BFC Bot Work?

🏋️ Grow Your Community

There are two ways to get your own personal referral link:
1) Message /link to @Bifrost_BiFi_Bot
2) Type /link in the group chat
When a new user joins the group through your link and starts chatting in the group, both of you will get 100 points. If you invite a user to @BIFROST_Global, both will receive 500 points!

🏆 Actively Participate and Earn Points

Attendance Points: Earn 10 points for checking in daily.
Participation Points: Earn maximum 2 points depending on the length of the message (Minimum 10 letters; Maximum once every 1 minute; Commands are excluded).
Jackpot: Win random jackpot points (5 -10 points)
Ranking Points: Earn bonus points when you rank higher by accumulating more EXP. The higher your rank, the more bonus points you'll earn.
    Earn EXP the same way as you earn points.
    Points set back to 0 after monthly $BFC_K conversion event, but EXP continues to accumulate.
Contribution Points: Admins will send points to users who actively participate in discussions and share good information with other members. They will send points in this format: /send @RachelAtBifrost 1000
    A user must have a username created to receive points
Emoji Points: Admins can also send points to users by replying with certain emojis.
    👍 = 5 Points
    😍 = 10 Points
    🥳 = 20 Points
    🌈 = 30 Points
    🔥 = 50 Points

♾️ BFC_K Conversion Event

$BFC_K will be automatically converted to $BFC during the monthly conversion event every 2nd week of the month. Announcement will be made before and after the conversion event. All conversions usually take about one day.
    BFC Bot will be temporarily disabled during the event
    Points will be set back to 0 after conversion event (EXP accumulates)
    Converted $BFC_Ks can be found in the Klaytn Wallet

🔐 Wallet Management

Point Balance: Check balance of your points, EXP, and $BFC_K by typing /balance.
Klaytn Wallet: Type /wallet to check balance of $BFC_K in your Klaytn Wallet.
Levels & Rank: The more EXP you accumulate, the higher you'll rank. Check your rank within the group by typing /rank.
    Scooter (🛴) is the lowest rank and UFO (🛸) is the highest rank.
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