DApp on Desktop

As for DApps supporting WalletConnect, you can connect your wallet. In this tutorial, we took uniswap as an example.

[DApp on the Desktop]

  1. Visit uniswap.

  2. Choose WalletConnect.

  3. You need to read the given QR code by using WalletConnect camera on Biport Mobile.

[On Biport Mobile]

  1. Click the QR code icon on the top left.

  2. Click WalletConnect.

  3. Choose the network on the DApp and the camera will appear.

  1. Read the QR code received from uniswap.

  2. When the connection is complete, the connected DApp will show up on the WalletConnect page.

Learn More!

You can manage the list of DApps previously connected to the wallet. To disconnect the link to a DApp, click Disconnect. To delete the history, click Delete.

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