BiFi Decentralized Autonomous Organization


BDAO is a governance protocol of BiFi made to allow BiFi token holders to suggest, express, and implement the changes of the BiFi.DeFi governance tokens allow token holders to govern a blockchain protocol, and in some cases enable them to capture value directly from DeFi application usage. DeFi governance tokens function as a distinguished role: the issuing project creates special polls that allow the token holders to vote on a specific proposal and determine the primary focus of the project’s development resources. It is especially important for projects in the decentralized ecosystem like BiFi to "Decentrailze" the freedom to control the system to users to maintain the original cryptocurrency ideals of decentralization and democratization. In this context, BiFi is now starting the governance protocol, BDAO, to give power to BiFi holders to determine the future of BiFi.

How to use BDAO

First, swap BiFi tokens to GBiFi tokens.

Step 3

Now, prepare vote in Tally(BDAO)

Vote in Tally

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