There are several ways to buy BiFi.BiFi exchange listings:​BiFi Rewards: You can earn BiFi by using lending, pooling, and staking.MetaMask Swap: MetaMask offers native swap service. Read below.Currently on BSC, BiFi tokens can only be earned as rewards. It will be added to a DEX on BSC in the near future.


Have you installed your MetaMask yet? Learn how to set MetaMask to Ethereum mainnet and purchase BFC and BiFi tokens!Setting Up MetaMask on EthereumHow to Buy BFC (Simple Version)​Use this version if you are unable to purchase BFC tokens at Upbit, Uniswap, or other exchanges. Using Metamask Swap service to purchase tokens will incur an additional 0.875% fee than when using Uniswap.

1. Click the MetaMask extension on your browser and log in.

2. Set the MetaMask network to Ethereum Mainnet.

3. Click Swap on the first screen of Metamask.

4. After clicking Select A Token, search for "BiFi".

5. Click Etherscan to make sure it is the correct BiFi token.

6. Once you have confirmed that the BiFi token address is correct, click Continue.

7. Enter the amount of ETH you want to swap BFC Tokens for.

8. Please wait for Metamask to find a quote for the current price on Uniswap.

9. Review the estimated network fee for your swap exchange.

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