Setting Up MetaMask on Ethereum
To use BiFi, you need to install MetaMask wallet on your desktop or phone.

1. Visit MetaMask and click Download.

2. Choose your device and click Install MetaMask.

3. Click Add to Chrome .

4. Click Add extension.

5. The installation is complete. Click Get Started to create an account.

6. If you already have an account, you can import your existing wallet by clicking Import wallet. If you don't have one, click Create a Wallet.

7. Click I Agree.

8. Create a password. Remember this password to login to MetaMask again later.

9. In the next step, your Secret Backup Phrase will be shown.

Click to reveal your secret words, save this phrase and store it in a secure location. NEVER share this phrase with anyone else.

10. Setting up MetaMask is done!

Add your existing assets on MetaMask by selecting "Add Token".
Last modified 13d ago