Add Klaytn Network

If you want to use MetaMask instead of Biport to start lending and borrowing on Klaytn, you will need to add the network manually on MetaMask.

Step 1. Open MetaMask, select the network drop-down, and click 'Add Network'.

Step 2. Enter the following network information.

1) Network Name : Klaytn Mainnet Cypress

2) New RPC URL(Required) :

3) Chain ID (Required) : 8217

4) Currency Symbol (optional) : KLAY

5) Block Explorer URL (optional) :

Once you have added Klaytn network on BiFi:

If you switch back and forth between BiFi and a Klaytn-based DApp (i.e. KLAYSwap), the Klaytn network on BiFi may automatically switch to a different RPC URL. In this case, we recommend you to re-add the Klaytn network on BiFi using a different "Network Name" of your choice (i.e. BiFi Klaytn).

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