Depositing or Withdrawing BTC

How to Deposit BTC

Deposit BTC to earn interest and BiFi tokens on BiFi Lending. Click the link below to see how you can calculate your net profit with your deposits.


To deposit BTC on BiFi, you need to send BTC to your BTC Deposit Address issued during Registering BTC Address(Registering BTC Address 페이지 링크 걸기).

  1. Click 'Deposit' BTC on BiFi Lending

  2. Copy the BTC Deposit Address and send BTC to this address from your own Bitcoin wallet

  3. After several confirmations, find the amount deposited on BiFi Lending page.

How to Withdraw BTC

To withdraw BTC, click 'Withdraw' and enter the desired amount. The withdrawn amount will include the interest earned from the deposit.

The BTC withdrawal process is same as withdrawing all other assets on BiFi. But, it will take some time for BiFi to process BTC withdrawal as it verifies with several confirmations to securely process the multichain transaction.

Once the withdrawal transaction is complete, you can find the withdrawn amount on My BTC Address registered during Registering BTC Address.

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