You can borrow assets against your deposited collateral. The amount you can borrow is determined by the collateral ratio of assets you deposited. You can easily check the ratio of your deposit to borrows, or loan-to-value ratio (LTV) in the colored bar below the top menu.

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When you repay your borrows, you have to pay your accrued interest. However, because BiFi is currently rewarding users of BiFi with BiFi tokens, you can actually earn as you borrow.

For example, you can borrow DAI at 11.87% interest rate, but by earning BiFi tokens you actually earn approximately 16.12%. As a result, you can earn 4.25% even as you borrow!

Learn more about BiFi token rewards:

1. Setting MetaMask Network

Ethereum mainnet

Click the MetaMask extension on your browser and set the network on top to Ethereum Mainnet.

BSC mainnet

Click the MetaMask extension on your browser and set the network on top to BSC Mainnet.

BiFi supports both Ethereum and BSC. If you set BiFi to BSC Mainnet, but have your MetaMask set to another network, you will see an error. Make sure you are on the correct network.

2. Borrowing Assets

If you deposited your assets to BiFi, you can now use your deposit as collateral to borrow other assets. Click Borrow for the asset you want to borrow, and set your desired amount.

When you click Borrow , you will be prompted to confirm the transaction on MetaMask. When the transaction is confirmed, MetaMask will notify you and you can check your borrowed asset.

Once you approve the transaction, you can leave the dialog before it is confirmed, as it is working directly on the blockchain.

Your assets can be subject to liquidation, if the ratio of your deposited assets to your borrowed asset exceeds the collateral ratio, or Loan-To-Value Ratio (LTV). BiFi only allows you to borrow up to the maximum borrow limit, but your LTV can exceed this in three scenarios:

1) Your borrowed asset increases in price, making your borrowed amount bigger, 2) Your deposited asset decreases in price, making your deposit amount smaller, or 3) your borrows plus accrued interest is more than your deposits plus accrued interest.

Borrow Amount The amount you want to borrow.

APY The amount of interest you can earn on your borrow in a year.

Token Price Current price of the asset you want to borrow.

Borrow Limit The maximum amount of assets you can borrow after you borrow the selected amount. The more assets you borrow, the lower the borrow limit becomes, proportionate to the collateral ratio.

Borrow limit before borrow >> after borrow $46.64 >> $23.43 (if you borrow $23.20)

Used Borrow Limit The changed used borrow limit in percentage after you borrow the selected amount.

Used borrow limit before borrow >> after borrow 0.48% >> 50.24%

3. Repaying Assets

Click Repay to pay back your assets. Repay amount excludes the amount of interest you need to pay back. Select the amount you wish to repay.

The asset must be enabled to be repaid. Enabling assets incur gas fees, so you need to hold be holding ETH to pay on Ethereum BiFi and BNB to pay on BSC BiFi.

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