Staking on Ethereum


Staking service rewards users who have purchased BFC Tokens and deposits them in BiFi Staking in return for providing liquidity. Earn BiFi Tokens by simply depositing BFC Tokens on BiFi Staking.


1. Setting MetaMask to Ethereum Mainnet

Click the MetaMask extension on your browser and set the network to Ethereum Mainnet. Then set BiFi to Ethereum Mainnet.

BiFi supports both Ethereum and BSC mainnet. If you set BiFi to Ethereum Mainnet, but have your MetaMask set to a different network, you will see an error. Make sure you set the same network for both MetaMask and BiFi.

2. Depositing BFC tokens in Staking

Once you have purchased BFC Tokens on Uniswap, you can deposit them in BiFi by clicking Stake BFC. If this is your first deposit, you must approve the token first.

Gas fees are required to activate the token. This step needs to be done only once.

3. BFC Staking Page Overview

Total Deposited Number of BFC Tokens currently deposited in BiFi Staking

Earnings Rate Number of BiFi Tokens to be distributed in a given week

APY Estimated Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of BiFi Tokens on BiFi

My Staked BFC The number and price of BFC Tokens you have deposited in Staking. Deposit BFC Tokens by clicking Stake BFC. Deposited tokens can be withdrawn at any time by clicking Withdraw.

My Claimable Staking Earnings The number of BiFi tokens you can receive in a given week with your deposited BFC tokens and the number you have received so far. Claim your BiFi Token rewards at any time by clicking Claim BiFi.

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