Bridging BiFi From Ethereum to Avalanche Network

In this section, you will learn how to bridge your BiFi tokens from Ethereum Network to Avalanche Network using Anyswap App.

Step 1

Launch Anyswap App and click on "Bridge" on the left menu bar.

Step 2

Click "Connect to a wallet" and choose MetaMask.

Step 3

Click "Next" to connect to MetaMask wallet.

Step 4

Click on the token button and search "BiFi". Set BiFi tokens on both "From" and "To".

Step 5

You must have BiFi tokens on your connected MetaMask wallet to proceed.

  1. Make sure the "From" shows ETH mainnet and "To" tab shows AVAX mainnet.

  2. Enter the amount of BiFi tokens to bridge from ETH mainnet to AVAX mainnet.

  3. Click "Swap".

Step 6

Confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

Step 7

Bridging BiFi tokens from Ethereum network to Avalanche network is complete. You can view your transaction in Anyswap Explorer.

0.1% fee is charged when transferring from Avalanche to Ethereum network via Anyswap Bridge. The minimum fee is $30 and the maximum fee is $1,000.

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