Bridging BiFi From Ethereum to Klaytn Network

In this section, you will learn how to bridge your BiFi tokens from Ethereum Network to Klaytn Network using Orbit Bridge.

Step 1

Visit Orbit Bridge.

Step 2

Choose BiFi token to exchange network.

Step 3

Choose the current network of BiFi in “From Chain” section.

Step 4

Choose a wallet to connect and connect your wallet.

Your wallet is successfully connected.

Step 5

Choose a network to exchange from “To Chain” section.

Step 6

If you are done up to step 5, the screen will view the current amount of your selected asset.

Type in the number of tokens to exchange network.

Step 7

Type in your wallet address to receive the exchanged tokens and click “CONVERT NOW”

Click “CONVERT NOW” and confirm your transaction from your connected wallet.

Bridging BiFi tokens from Ethereum network to Klaytn network has been completed.

Step 9

Visit Orbit Explorer to view your status.

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