Welcome to the documentation of Biport Wallet. This guide will teach you all the essentials on how to use Biport Wallet.

To those of you new to the blockchain and crypto world, you'll need a wallet to start on this journey β€” specifically, one that is decentralized. It is essential to carry a decentralized wallet (on your phone or desktop) to onboard the ecosystem of blockchains and use its DApp, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and possibly many more in the future.

Biport Wallet is a decentralized wallet available as a Chrome extension, just like MetaMask. It is a multichain wallet that allows you to manage cryptocurrencies scattered across different blockchains all in one place. You can send, receive, and store a wide range of assets across networks without compromising convenience and security β€” bringing users the best multichain experience. Biport initially supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, Klaytn, Polygon networks and even Bitcoin.

Moreover, the MetaMask Support feature allows you to access and use all DApps that support MetaMask. Biport is best optimized for BiFi, the multichain DeFi lending protocol. You can directly deposit assets on BiFi Lending within the wallet to earn interest and BiFi rewards to maximize yield.

Created to expand the decentralized ecosystem currently restrained to a few dominant networks, Biport will enable an efficient multichain ecosystem by connecting all blockchain networks, ecosystems, and communities.

Let's buckle up and start your blockchain journey. ✈️

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