Add tokens to home screen
To view and manage tokens on Biport, you need to add tokens to home screen manually. By default, BTC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, BFC, BiFi, KLAY and MATIC are added to your home screen.
There are two ways to add tokens on Biport:
  • Search the token name
  • Use the token contract address

How to Add Tokens to Home Screen

On home screen, click "Token" icon.

Option A: Search for Token Name

1) Search for the token name.

Then, check the box on the right to add the token. You can select as many as you want.
(Note: If the token does not appear in the search results, try adding with the token contract address.)

1-2) Go back to the home screen and check the selected token(s) is added.

Option B: Use Token Contract Address

2) Click Token icon on home screen and the '+' icon on the top-right corner.

2-1) Enter the token contract address.

The token symbol and the decimal will fill in automatically. When finished, click Add.

2-2) Go back to the home screen and check the selected token is added.


Which assets are supported on Biport?

Biport initially supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, and Klaytn networks β€” meaning you can store Bitcoin and a wide range of ERC20 / BEP20 / C-Chain / KIP-7 tokens within one wallet. More networks and its corresponding tokens will be available in the future.