Claim BFC_K
If you have been following BIFROST for some time, you've probably heard of BFC Bot or even have BFC_K tokens from BFC Bot. BFC Bot is a BIFROST Telegram chatbot that helps grow blockchain communities and rewards active users for contributing to the group. Active users are rewarded with BFCK, a Klaytn-based BFC token. You can now claim your hard earned BFC_K!
Biport Wallet allows users to claim BFC_K (Klatyn-based) and receive BFC (an ERC20, or Ethereum-based) token. This feature is only available on Biport Wallet.

How to Claim BFC_K on Biport

1) First, you need an Ethereum wallet address to receive BFC.

1-1) Open Biport Wallet and select Receive icon or click BFC token under Assets.
(If you don't see BFC tokens in your wallet, you need to add the token to home screen. See how to add tokens to home screen).
1-2) Click Copy to Clipboard to copy your Ethereum wallet address.

2) Once you have your Ethereum wallet address, you need to request to claim BFC_K by submitting your Ethereum wallet address to BFC Bot.

2-1) Open BFC Bot on Telegram or go to Settings > BFC_K Claim > Go to BFC Bot to open BFC Bot.
2-2) Enter /claim {your Ethereum wallet address} to BFC Bot.
If successful, you will get a success message. See the example below.
This step completes the BFC_K claim request. But wait... you're not finished yet!
Once you have completed the request, you will need to wait until the requests are reflected in our smart contract for BFC payouts. This may take a day (at most) as BFC Bot will collect all claim requests and send them to a smart contract for BFC payouts in order to distribute them securely.
Once the request is approved, the status of your BFC_K claim request will be set as "claimable". If the status is changed to "claimable", move onto the last step below.
If you want to check the balance of your BFC_K in your Klaytn wallet
  • Type /wallet to BFC Bot.
To see the status of your BFC_K claim request:
  • Type /claim_status to BFC Bot
To change the submitted Ethereum wallet address:
  • Type /claim_update {new Ethereum wallet address}

3) You're now ready to receive BFC!

Go back the Biport wallet extension to BFC_K claim page. Check the estimated transaction fee for the claim. Click Done to finish.
(Note: You must have sufficient balance for network transaction fees to complete the transaction.)
When it is complete, you will see the amount of BFC tokens updated on your wallet.
To learn more about BFC Bot, see BFC Bot Guide.