Introducing BMall

BMall is an NFT Marketplace stemmed from the belief that HODLERS should receive more benefits. To that extent, BMall’s slogan — BMall, Be More — exemplifies exactly that belief by featuring two exclusive benefits to share greater profits with your NFT community.
APR profits? (Duh, but boring). In line with our belief, we operate two programs to share profits with NFT communities. Check out these amazing features of BMall below.
BMall has introduced the industry’s very first fee-sharing system. If your NFT collection is traded on BMall, a portion of that fee will be shared amongst you and NFT community members. When a transaction for BAYC #8920 occurs on BMall, the creator fees for the transaction will be distributed to BAYC holders.
Example If 10 ETH are generated from the transaction for BAYC #8920, we equally distribute 10 ETH to the BAYC holders whose wallets are connected to BMall.
BMall is designed to generate more revenue for the BMall community as more contributions are made on BMall.
You will be assigned a referral code as soon as you join BMall. Let’s say your friend also joined BMall using your referral code. Then 0.5% of the fees will be yours! The total profits will be sent to your wallet address every month.