Buy at a Fixed Price

NFTs at a Fixed Price

Users can choose to purchase an NFT that is listed at a fixed price on BMall. In other words, users can buy an NFT for that specific listed price that cannot be bargained or auctioned. Buying an NFT at a fixed price 100% guarantees that you will successfully own that NFT.

Did you see an NFT you like thatโ€™s sold at a fixed price? Want to check whatโ€™s currently being sold? Explore and learn how to make it yours by following the guide below.

How to Buy an NFT at a Fixed Price

  1. Click Buy Now

  2. When the transaction has been completed, your purchased NFT collection will automatically show on your profile/account page.

  3. The tokens you spent on the collection will be withdrawn from your wallet, then transferred to the seller. Depending on the transaction processing time, it may take some time for your purchased collection to appear on your profile page.

  4. To check the collections you own, click your profile icon, then click Owned

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