Owly Overview

Welcome to the Owly documentation guide. Access Owly through the official Web App.

Daily Profitable Returns for Everyone

​Owly is a decentralized daily leverage trading platform that curates the most profitable trading strategies to help users make better and faster trading decisions and earn maximum DeFi rewards. With Owly, anyone can build out a winning trading strategy and a complex portfolio with minimized trading steps, in-app swaps, and asset management functionalities to enjoy increased leverage and high profits with only 0.01% fees.

In-App Swaps and Asset Management

Owly's unique in-swap feature provides all the features you need in one place to begin leverage trading. Owly will periodically update the Strategy Cards to be more optimized for the growth of your investments and better asset management.
Owly will soon be mobile-optimized for a seamless mobile trading experience on-the-go!

🔗 Supported Network

Owly is currently supported on the Klaytn network: offering the advantages of lower fees and fast transactions. Expect it to become even better - soon to be supported on the upcoming BIFROST network.


Owly's all-curated, made-to-click Strategy Cards can help you enter a trading position instantly for potentially higher returns.
Strategy Cards show the most profitable EARN, LONG, or SHORT positions for the past 24 hours (in the order from highest to lowest APYs)
  • LONG: In a long position, you anticipate the value of an asset to rise in the future. When market conditions are expected to improve, the returns of opening a long position can be much more profitable than simply spot trading.
  • SHORT: Conversely, you anticipate the value of an asset to fall in the future in a short position. Earn profits by opening a short position during volatile market conditions.
  • EARN: A "yield farming" position where you deposit and borrow an asset multiple times to earn high profits ("yield"). Risk of liquidations are lower than opening a long or short positions, enabling low-risk trading for risk-averse traders.