Open Positions

You can easily track and manage all opened positions on Owly using the following features:

A. Profit and Loss (PNL)

  • See the profit and loss (PNL), 24 hour PNL change, and cumulated BiFi rewards in real-time for all opened positions

  • Click on the πŸ”½ button of each open position and select the timeframe to monitor the profit change

  • Click BiFi X on the bottom-right corner to see the details of the opened positions on BiFi X (e.g. LTV, principal, deposit and borrow interest, etc.)

B. Liquidation Risk Levels

  • Monitor your liquidation risk levels on the guage

  • Green = low risk; Red = high risk

C. Close Position

  • To close an open position, click Close -> click Confirm

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