3. Swap tokens

If you don't have enough tokens to leverage, you can swap tokens with our in-app swap feature.

For example, if you want to go long kDAI but you don't have kDAI but you only have KLAY in your wallet, you use the in-app swap to

  1. Select a Strategy Card and click Swap on the top right.

2. Select the token you want to swap to and enter the amount. Then click Swap Tokens.

3. Review the gas fees on your wallet and click Done to confirm. When finished swapping, you will need to add the swapped token (e.g. kDAI) to view it in your wallet.

4. When the transaction is complete, choose the same position again under Strategy Cards. Enter an amount to the approve token first if this is your first token transaction.

5. Review the gas fee on the wallet and click Confirm.

6. Confirm the amount to trade and click Start Trading.

7. You have succesfully opened a position if you see the position under Open Positions.

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