Strategy Cards

Strategy Cards show the most profitable EARN, LONG, or SHORT positions for the past 24 hours (in the order from highest to lowest APYs)

  • LONG: In a long position, you anticipate the value of an asset to rise in the future. When market conditions are expected to improve, the returns of opening a long position can be much more profitable than simply spot trading.

  • SHORT: Conversely, you anticipate the value of an asset to fall in the future in a short position. Earn profits by opening a short position during volatile market conditions.

  • EARN: A "yield farming" position where you deposit and borrow an asset multiple times to earn high profits ("yield"). Risk of liquidations are lower than opening a long or short positions, enabling low-risk trading for risk-averse traders

A. Open Position

  • Open a position by selecting a Strategy Card

  • Enter the principal amount or choose the percentage level to enter the position

B. In-App Swap

  • If you don't have enough assets to open a desired position, click Swap after selecting a position to swap to the asset directly on the spot.

  • After clicking Swap, enter the amount to swap -> click Trade -> click Swap Token to complete the process.

C. Filtered Views

  • Use the filter function to view specific position(s): EARN, LONG, SHORT

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